WheelCheck provides an easy way to test the wheels of your car for unbalances.

It measures vibrations and visualizes them intuitively. It creates a diagram, where users can look for lines and get the strength of the unbalance from the intensity of the lines. WheelCheck contains high sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

To fully pass a complete measurement cycle, the car needs to be driven the whole speed range (e.g. 0 to 150 km/h). Hence, the measurement takes about five to 15 minutes. The supported speed range is 0 to 260 km/h and auto scaling is supported.

Our international feedback is positive:

"I'm really happy that I spent a whole 99 cents to buy the app. Here's why I needed it."

How to use it

  1. Start the app and start the measurement.
  2. Put your iPhone/iPad onto the dashboard or into the oddments tray. Avoid placing it on soft surfaces and never hold it in your hand, thus any vibration would be blocked.
  3. Plan a 15min drive to measure a range of 0...60mph (0...100km/h). Try to vary the speed often. The most left row shows the confidence for each velocity. Try to get a solid green for best results.
  4. And most important. Always watch the traffic. WheelCheck must never distract you from the traffic. Inputs are never needed during the drive.