You want to know how your hair style appears from sideview? You wonder how your dress looks from rear? You simply want to laugh about your own mops and mows? No Problem: CU-Q enables you to see things which normally are hidden to your eyes.

The way it works is very simple: The app gives you a life view with a delay of 5 seconds: You make a motion, then you watch your motion. Then you make a wink and watch yourself winking. You can use it for styling, fashion or sports.

You don't have to press any buttons or any other steps to operate the app. It's like a mirror, but with the difference, that your mirror image is always delayed. The delay is configurable from 1 to 10 seconds.


Why did you call it CU-Q?

"CU" is the abbreviation for "See you". The video runs through a queue for being delayed. That is were the "Q" comes from. You can see yourself delayed, because the video has to run through a queue.

How can I fix my tablet on the floor?

There are plenty of stands for your prefered device (tablet or smartphone) available on the market. Often these stands are very fragil. Therefore we developed a stand for rough environments like the gym or childrens hands.

You find the product here:

Stand for the Qs Stand for the Qs

Can I increase the resolution?

We want to make the video as smooth as possible on as much different devices as possible. The chosen resolution gives satisfying quality and is compatible with many different devices. Although we think it is sufficient for all uses cases, we are trying to support even higher resolutions in future versions.

How long does the battery last?

Tennis-Q has to process high volumes of data. Furthermore, Tennis-Q is often used outdoor, so the display brightness will be driven to the maximum. Both don't are good preconditions for a long lasting battery.

Here are some guideline values of battery life from selected popular devices at highest display brightness level. We discharged every device from 100% to 50%:

Device Battery Life (50%)
iPhone 5 1h 30min
iPad 3 2h 0min
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 2h 15min
Lenovo Yoga 10 3h 0min

Why is the image jerking?

On some Android devices the image may sometimes jerk or even stand still for some seconds. That is not good and we are aware of this lack of quality. We are working hard to improve this behaviour in future versions. Nevertheless we think, that it is not affecting the use case the app is made for.

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