You want to train your musical ear? Get better at playing instruments or singing?

PerfectPitchTrainer is your way to go. It provides an easy exercise and allows you to track your results.

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You want to check the wheels of your car for unbalances?

WheelCheck provides an easy test with help of high sophisticated mathematical algorithms. Start today and take your mobile on a tour.

Here is what our customers say: Brian's Blog

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You want to know how your hair style appears from sideview? You wonder how your dress looks from rear? You simply want to laugh about your own mops and mows? No Problem: CU-Q enables you to see things which normally are hidden to your eyes.

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You want to improve your swing? Watch yourself swinging! With this app you can find your mistakes and correct them yourself.

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You service is unreliable? Watch yourself serving! Find your mistakes and improve your technique using this simple app.

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